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How to Stop Worrying about the Dentist

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Joe Bulger DDS


Dear Neighbour & Friend,

Has it been a while since your last dental visit? Perhaps you're feeling some concern about your dental health... even a little anxious and embarrassed about the thought of going to a new dentist.

 You're not alone in feeling that way. 

The good news is that once you can get past those worries about going to the dentist, you can start re-focusing on the positive. Namely, taking care of your dental health and getting back on track.

Hello, my name is Dr. Joe Bulger and you and I probably have some things in common... I grew up here in Etobicoke. My wife Denise and I have been married for over 30 years and we've raised 5 children here... Since 1985 I've been a family & cosmetic dentist in West Toronto. Our location is on Bloor Street in The Kingsway area near Royal York (steps from the subway station). 

Looking for a new dentist can be a struggle when dental anxiety has you paralyzed.

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Dental Hotline Dental Emergency?

Broken fillings and toothaches are
common reasons to call our office.
If you need dental emergency care,
call our hotline at 416 231-0550
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Hate the idea of spending
a bundle on dental care?






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"Radiate CONFIDENCE in your relationships... knowing your smile
is healthy and attractive."post doodle

I know how that feels. I grew up back in the 60's with my share of tooth troubles and HATED going to the dentist...

Watch this Video...  Watch Video Intro

Once I became a dentist, I made it my mission to discover the best secrets of melting away dental anxiety so you would NEVER have to feel the way I did. So you can stop worrying so much about the dentist and give your smile the proper loving care it needs.

I'm the founder of Royal York Dental... a thriving West Toronto dental office located at 3034 Bloor Street West in the Kingsway area of Etobicoke.

Who do we serve?  We help people who hate dentists get unstuck and back onto a healthy path... even if you've been procrastinating and avoiding dentists for the past 10 years (or more)... By the way, we're a guilt-free zone. And instead of lectures, we focus on helping you.

Check out our office  Watch Video Intro

If your mouth has become source of pain, anxiety or embarrassment we can transform your health and smile to reflect the confidence and vitality of your best self.

Most of our patients are discerning, intelligent and aspire to a better life for themselves and their loved ones... You'll appreciate how we respectfully support you in protecting and preserving  the health and beauty of your smile.

Choosing a dental team can feel like a HUGE decision. That's why it's easy to procrastinate... even to the point your health suffers and your smile fades to an embarrassing liability that stops you from smiling.

The Good News...

Once you make a wise choice, get unstuck and overcome any dental anxiety, life becomes easy again... Going to the dentist becomes a routine event where you have a chance to relax and feel a bit pampered for a change.

If you're someone who doesn't mind going to the dentist... then you’ll appreciate our prompt service and convenient hours.

On the other hand, if you or any of your loved ones are more the type who want to curl up into a sweat-soaked, shivering ball at the mere thought of stepping into a dental office... we truly appreciate how challenging this first step can seem for you.

Have These Frustrations?

Checkmark ZERO time on your hands these days

Checkmark HATE going to the dentist?   See Video  watch video intro

Checkmark Embarrassed about leaving things this long?

Checkmark  Worried about cavities and gum disease?

Checkmark Self-conscious about your smile?

Checkmark Searching for professionals you can trust?

Checkmark Concerned about exceeding your dental budget?

I understand your frustrations. That's why I've designed a dental office that offers you convenient, comfortable care to help make your visits a breeze.

If you're hesitant about getting started... we make it simple with a free & easy, no-obligation first visit. Just fill out the contact form or call now on our dedicated hotline at 416 231-0550. And feel free to use our friendly Chat Service to answer any questions.

Why Spend on Dental Care?

There are plenty of ways to spend your hard-earned dollars. One reason dental care gets neglected because, on the surface, it seems less appealing than things such as a night on the town, a vacation getaway or a shiny new car.

Not much of a 'fun factor' with dental care.

What you DO get...

blue checkthe security and comfort of good health, knowing you won't be blind-sided by any dental crisis...

blue checkthe confidence of a clean, attractive smile that allows you to put your best face forward each day.

blue checkthe freedom to eat any food you enjoy with a sense of strength and stability.

Your other choice is to take the casual approach - drifting along blissfully unaware of your dental health and taking the chance on your health that nothing bad will happen... One day, out of the blue, you might get that harsh wake up call - that miserable dental disaster.

Ouch! A jolting reminder of how important your health and the appearance of your smile really are.

"Isn't Dental Care Expensive?"

Yes, it can be. And expenses can add up fast as those little problems develop into bigger ones.

That's why staying on track is so vitally important. Timely advice can help you choose an appropriate level of care now, so you can avoid all the consequences of pain, loss, aggravation and expense that can come from neglecting basic dental care.

Chances are you're too busy to worry much about dental prevention. It's not even on the radar. That's why my team and I take on the responsibility for you. We help keep your dental health on track, so you can relax and not worry about it. You'll have the freedom to focus on things you care about.

We've got you covered.

Here's what you get from dental care...

Here are 5 good reasons to go to a dentist:

1. Overcome your dental anxiety...
and return to better oral health.

2.Reduce risk...maintain health while avoiding pain, loss and future problems.

3. Achieve a sense of stability and comfort...
instead of dreading your next dental crisis.

4. Radiate CONFIDENCE in your relationships...
knowing your smile is healthy and attractive.

5. Limit your dental expenses...
and save yourself from the aggravation of unexpected problems
as you enjoy a healthy dental future.





people at work

We take care of busy people...





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These days, everyone wants great service at the lowest possible price."
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dental team

Your Smile-Support Team
of Royal York Dentists







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"We're NOT for those who place
little value on health."post doodle






Find the Best Dentist for You

Report - 7 telltale secrets
 Download our Free Guide
7 Telltale Secrets
to learn what to look for in choosing
the best dentist for you and
your loved ones.





woman in fearDo you feel anxious or embarrassed?








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"She hadn’t been to a dentist for over 10 years and she felt both fearful and embarrassed."post doodle











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"Those vague, nameless threats appear 10 times bigger."post doodle














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Convenient Hours:

Monday             8am to 8pm 

Tuesday             8am to 8pm 

Wednesday       8am to 8pm 

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Friday               8am to 5pm 

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Bulger familyOffering family-friendly care for
you and your loved ones





Once you've said "YES" to dental care, it's now only a matter of finding the right people to take care of you.

Are We Right for You?

If you need a new dentist, this is who we serve...

1. Busy people: People who have better things to do than sit in a dental chair. Full-time moms, business executives, retirees... If you're a busy person, and your time is valuable, then we'll help fit dental care into your day so you can get back to the activities you love and the people you love.

2. People who LOVE a healthy lifestyle: If you're vigilant about your health, a great support team can ensure you and your loved ones stay in great shape.

3. People who LOVE smiles: If you want to look and feel your best, having a gorgeous smile can be your secret to youthful vitality.

4. People who HATE dentists: Here's where we really shine. If you need dental care but feel totally stressed about going to a new dentist, we have a team of caring professionals who can gently help guide you back to health.

By the way... when you say, "I hate dentists!" I know you still care about your health and smile. It's the idea of spending time in a dental chair that puts people off... And that's why we try to make visits to the dentist as pleasant, convenient and comfortable as possible for you.

5. People who are environmentally sensitive: We're a non-latex, mercury-free, eco-friendly dental office. We're scent-free and clean our air with surgical filters... This might not be an issue for you, but for some it's a potentially life-threatening concern. Even our snacks are free of nut-products to avoid any potential for allergic reactions.

"Can I Afford You?"

Fair question. These days, everyone wants great service at the lowest possible price.

If you shop around, you'll find most dentists are comparatively in the same ballpark on fees. It really has more to do with your own financial situation... fees that seem reasonable for one person can appear totally outrageous to another.

You must decide if dentistry is worth spending on for you and your loved ones...  Keep in mind, it's always worthwhile to spend on prevention and diagnostics. And by staying healthy, you can save a bundle on future costs.

If lowest price is your primary criteria, then we're NOT the right fit for you. We're certainly not positioned to be the lowest-priced option in town.

Respectfully, the last thing we want is to have you resist and reject every recommendation we give you... as you vigorously defend your wallet from imagined threats. Limiting your level of care can be counterproductive - once you drop below an acceptable standard of care, your risk level goes up.

It's our job to protect you from making bad decisions and the consequences they bring.

Relying on money as your number one criteria for decision-making is a recipe for dental disaster (fortunately most of us wouldn't want discount treatment done on any part of our body).

Now, if money is scarce right now, you might have to make tough choices. But the issue of money isn't always about scarcity... There are people out there who clutch money so tightly they would willingly sacrifice health to save some dollars... only to gamble it all away at the casino.

We're NOT for those who place little value on health.

That being said, we're happy to work within your budget and stage treatment such that our services are more affordable for you.

Find a Dentist in Toronto West

Finding a new dentist can feel stressful and overwhelming.

Maybe you haven't been in a while. Maybe you've had some big changes in your life, including a move to a different neighborhood... And now your old dentist isn't convenient anymore.

Maybe you've had a few bad experiences over the years, and now you want to be extra careful in finding someone you can fully trust to take care of you and your loved ones.

Whatever path brought you here, you've come to realize that choosing a new dentist is important and requires careful consideration.

Smart approach. You're already on the right track.

Anxious or Embarrassed?

Do you feel vulnerable and worried about your dental health? Are you dreading the news, the lectures, the very thought of sitting in a dental chair?

We've helped others who felt the same way.

Just to let you know, we're a guilt-free zone. The last thing you need is to feel any worse about your situation.

Instead of wasting time on guilt trips or reprimands, we'll focus on being constructive and helping you move forward towards better health.

It's a HUGE relief when you can finally feel optimistic about your dental situation, totally confident about your smile, and in full control of your dental future.

It's like having a heavy weight lifted off your shoulders. All that anxiety holding you locked in an icy grip... just melts away. Your dental visits soon feel as effortless and easy as visiting friends.

How a Nurse Named Susan
Conquered Her Secret Fears
and Saved Her Smile

Here's an account of one person's journey back to health..

Susan came to us in trouble. She hadn’t been to a dentist for over 10 years and she felt both fearful and embarrassed.

As a Registered Nurse, Susan was one of those everyday heroes... She was a down to earth, organized, and responsible person. Very warm and genuine... But she was often so busy taking care of others, she wouldn't take time for herself...

Click Here to learn how Susan finally overcame her paralyzing fear of going to the dentist.

"Will I Get BAD News?"

Could you get some bad news?

Definitely... you could have some dental problems brewing. Our job is to recognize any dental problems and take care of them before things can get any worse.

Receiving bad news about your teeth... won't that just ramp up your anxiety levels even more?

Surprisingly, that's rarely the case. The news is often better than expected... And knowing what you're facing liberates you from that endless cycle of worry.

It's NOT knowing what you're up against that creates all the anxiety. Your mind starts racing... "What if things are bad? Will I lose my teeth? What if I can't afford it?"

Those vague, nameless threats appear 10 times bigger.

So you hesitate... You put things off for a while longer.

The scary part is that the longer you delay, the worse things tend to get. [All that endless procrastination is a sure-fire recipe for dental disaster.]

That's why you feel stuck...

The anxiety of going to a new dentist makes it easy to put off even choosing one... The last thing you want is to make a hasty decision that could backfire. 

And yet your riskiest move is to do nothing. What good decisions can offer you is risk reduction.

5 Steps to Getting Unstuck

Nothing happens if you can't get unstuck.

So how do you get over the barrier of choosing a new dentist? How do you get unstuck?

1. You MUST choose... No more putting it off. No more drifting along out-of-control, waiting for that next crisis to hit.

2. Research your options... Ask friends for recommendations and explore some dental websites to narrow down your choices. Spending your time doing some research will pay off. You'll make better decisions.

3. Test and compare your final choices... Call them. Visit their offices. You want to be certain you're making an excellent choice for you and your loved ones.

4. Take action... Make forward progress immediately, even if it's just baby steps. Get momentum working in your favor.

5. Let go of those old stories... Stop replaying those bad memories. That's not who you are anymore.

Welcome to a better dental future...

'Best Dentist' Selection

What are the qualities you're looking for in a dentist? You can try finding the best dentist in Toronto, but how could anyone judge such a thing?

What you really want is the comfort and convenience of a smile team that can support you and your family in staying healthy.

7 Tips for Selecting a Dentist:

1. Convenience and Accessibility (location, hours of operation)
2. Range of Available Services (treatment options)
3. Dentist Experience and Compatability
4. Support Team (friendly, professional and helpful)
5. Communication (clear, comprehensive and respectful)
6. Customer Service (promt, courteous and attentive)
7. Business Operations (organized with you, our guest, in mind)

The good news is your worries can disappear once you make the right move... You'll get the benefits of great advice AND great care.

With a good match, you'll feel the relief of knowing you're in good hands. You'll feel the clarity and peace of mind from having a trusted adviser who can help you make better decisions regarding your dental health.

You’ll have a solid plan to move forward... One that respects your budget while prioritizing your treatment sequence to eliminate pain, minimize potential threats and return you to a path of health.

At Royal York Dental, we’ve created a system to help ensure you stay healthy and enjoy a beautiful smile. We call it the Healthy Beautiful Smile SystemTM and it offers you a step-by-step approach to achieving an attractive healthy smile.

I look forward to meeting you soon,

 Toronto Cosmetic Dentist - Joe Bulger

Joe Bulger DDS
Voted Best Dentist in Etobicoke
Founder of Royal York Dental

P.S. Check Out Our Convenient Location...


location - royal york dental

Our Convenient Location

"Right in the heart of The Kingsway,
just steps from Royal York Station"


Looking for a new West Toronto dentist? We serve people from all over the GTA. 

We're at 3034 Bloor Street West, just west of Royal York Road. We're right near the Kingsway Theatre and steps from the Royal York subway stop.

Watch Video to find us  Arrow

We offer comfortable, convenient care with extended hours to accommodate you and your loved ones. We offer family and cosmetic dentistry, with options such as sedation, dental implants, emergency care and teeth whitening services.

If you need a new dentist, call today at 416 231-0550 or just use the Contact Form above. Denise will be happy to take care of you.

Dental Care for BUSY People

Your Smile Team - Royal York Dental

Dental care for busy people





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Let your smile reflect your
level of health and vitality.

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smile makeover cases

 Smile Makeovers





Yes, there are health, wealth and relationship benefits of a healthy beautiful smile... And you know the alternative of suffering with bad teeth is a disaster.

You understand all that. But there's still a million other things you would rather do than sit in a dental chair.

Totally understandable.

That's why we make it so easy for you. We offer convenient, organized care, so you don't have to face the aggravation of missing work or precious family time for dental visits. 

Friendly, comfortable care can reduce all that endless worrying about your trips to the dentist. So you can finally relax and enjoy having your smile pampered.

Many people come to our Etobicoke dental clinic a little anxious or embarrassed that they haven't been in a while. They anticipate hearing lots of bad news.

If you're a bit nervous about what we might find, you'll be relieved to discover your situation is probably far better than you thought.

Here's the thing. You need to find a dentist and get things back on track. If you keep on procrastinating, those dental nightmares might actually come true.

As West Toronto dentists, our first goal will be to help you stay healthy and trouble-free.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your health is #1. That's a given. At the same time, why not enjoy the benefits of health AND a beautiful smile.

Beauty fades. That gorgeous smile you once had can lose its lustre. Many cosmetic options are designed to restore and rejuvenate a faded, worn-out smile. You CAN have that vibrant youthful smile again.

Missing teeth? Our cosmetic options include dental implants. Relace your missing teeth with dental implants to restore function as well as the appearance of your smile.

Royal York Dental is blessed with two experienced cosmetic dentists - Dr. Nathan Blitz and Dr. Joe Bulger. 

If you're seeking an attractive more-youthful smile, our cosmetic options can help you look fabulous. These services include teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers and complete smile makeovers.

You'll discover some cosmetic options are simple and quick. You'll also be pleasantly surprised at how easy and affordable enhancing your smile can be.

Let your smile reflect your level of health and vitality. As Toronto cosmetic dentists, we can help you look and feel your very best.

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intimacy - Cosmetic Dentistry Services

 Sharing Intimate Moments...

Enjoy the benefits of fresh-breath and the
confidence of a healthy beautiful smile.


One last message...

Royal York Dental Clinic"Royal York Dental Rocks!"

Been without a happy dental home? You’ve come to the right place.

Our Etobicoke dentists have 25+ years experience serving smiles in GTA's west end. And there's no better time than right now to get back on track.

When you come in to see our Toronto dental clinic, we'll prioritize your needs. If you have an urgent need, we'll take care of that right away. Any other concerns with your teeth and gums can be taken care of at a pace that's comfortable to you and stays within your budget.

As Etobicoke dentists in Toronto West, we offer a variety of service options:

  • child-friendly family care
  • emergency dental clinic
  • dental implants
  • fresh breath dental hygiene services
  • laser teeth whitening and other options
  • cosmetic dentistry options
  • smile makeovers
  • reconstructive dentistry  
  • comfortable dentures
  • root canal treatment
  • wisdom teeth removal
  • conscious sedation dentistry
  • and more...

Give us a call and we'll begin your journey back to a healthy beautiful smile.

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Etobicoke Dentist Toronto West: Our dental clinic is conveniently located on Bloor Street, just a few steps west of Royal York (two doors past the Kingsway Theatre). We make it easy and comfortable for you.

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