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Cosmetic Dentistry Questions & Answers

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Cosmetic Dentistry Questions & Answers

Key Cosmetic Dentistry Questions

Cosmetic dentistry is not an easy choice for some. As much as you may want a beautiful smile, you might hesitate because the decision can seem vain or frivolous. 

This article will explore the psychological aspects of choosing cosmetic dentistry by asking some key questions. You'll get the insider's perspective from an experienced Toronto cosmetic dentistry professional.

The ultimate cosmetic dentistry question is why choose it for yourself? What are you hoping for?

As a Toronto cosmetic dentist, the challenge isn't just in performing the cosmetic dentistry. The challenge is in navigating a person's emotional landscape. Some people just aren't ready to consider the possibilities. Some don't feel a need or place little value in smiles. Some are so cash-strapped they feel like they can't even afford to dream about having a beautiful smile.

A question a dentist would ask is "Do you qualify for cosmetic dentistry?" To qualify, you must have the need, the knowledge, the desire and the finances to make it feasible.

Pain & Pleasure

What's your motivation for enhancing your smile? Do you feel embarrassed about your appearance in any way? 

Everyone is driven by a combination of pain and pleasure. On the pain side, some suffer with a smile they feel is unattractive. They feel embarrassed and hesitate to smile. Others suffer a sense of lost youth as their smile becomes faded and worn.

On the pleasure side, some people place high value on smiles and just want to enjoy the confidence and attention a drop-dead gorgeous smile can bring. If you're into the dating scene, a smile can be a killer asset that leads to romantic opportunities.

Is your Smile an Asset?

Do cosmetic questions make you uncomfortable? Talking openly about your smile is not easy. Smiles are a personal part of your identity and it can be a very touchy, personal subject.

Could you imagine walking up to someone at a party and saying "Whoa dude, your smile is gnarly!"

Of course not. These days, people get shot for less. And yet you might hear such things being said behind someone's back. As in, "Whoa, did you see the gnarly smile on that dude?"

People would never say such things to your face. Even inferring that a smile isn't very attractive can be taken as an insult.

If you can, try to look at things more objectively, and explore the possibilities without taking it all so personally.

As a Toronto cosmetic dentist, here's the sort of questions we go through...

Is your smile an asset or a liability? Is it currently helping or hurting your personal life and career possibilities? The worse your situation is, the easier it is to justify making a cosmetic change.

If you improved your smile, what difference could it make? Could your life change for the better? There's no guarantees, but changing a smile can open up all sorts of possibilities for you.

What is the upside potential for your smile? Cosmetic dentistry can transform a smile that's a crippling liability into a dazzling asset. On a scale of 10, imagine a smile starting off as a 3 and magically transforming to a 9 or 10 level. A transformation like that can be life-changing.

Changing a smile that's already an asset to make it even better can be still worthwhile. Just not as dramatic.

What's your emotional state regarding your smile? Are you coming from a position of emotional pain and seek relief? Perhaps you're comfortable with your smile as it is, yet interested in exploring the possibilities of enhancement.

Want to learn more about cosmetic dentistry? Royal York Dental offers a free first visit and smile consult. Give us a call at 416 231-0550.

Toronto Dentist - Dr. Joe BulgerAbout the Author: Dr. Joe Bulger is a cosmetic dentist from Toronto, Canada and the owner-founder of Royal York Dental. A prestigious office serving West Toronto since 1950.

If you would like to learn more about your dental options, fill out our contact form or CALL 416 231-0550 for a FREE & Easy No-Obligation First Visit.

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