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Emergency Dental Clinic: When Do You Call?

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Emergency Dental Clinic: When Do You Call?

How do you know when to make that call to an emergency dentist? How bad do things have to be before you pick up that phone?

Some people call their dentist at the first sign of trouble. They know dental issues can quickly escalate and don't want to be suffering any sleepless nights with a terrible toothache.

Other people hold off. They'll wait a few days to see if the problem subsides before calling. They cross their fingers, say a little prayer and hope they can dodge a bullet this time around.

Sometimes small problems will recover if left for a few days, but sometimes the situation just gets worse. Why take a chance with your health?

When in doubt, check things out. It never hurts to call.

Think of it this way: If the problem turns out to be no big deal, that's good news. If the problem turns out to be a potential threat, then you did the right thing by taking care of it right away.

When to Call an Emergency Dental Clinic

Pain, trauma and anything out of the ordinary with your teeth or gums warrant a visit to an emergency dental clinic. Toronto residents have many options in choosing a dentist, but not all cater to emergency situations.

Quick response is essential for dental emergencies. If your dentist isn't available in your time of need, consider finding a clinic that can accomodate you.

In providing residentas of West Toronto emergency dental care for over 25 years, I’ve seen many people embarrassed about asking for help. They somehow have the notion I’ll be upset if it turns out to be a false alarm.

Believe me, I’m happy whenever I can offer you good news. I'm on your side and my top priorities are keeping you healthy and happy.

Two Good Reasons to Call Now

The first reason is that most dental problems are progressive in nature. That means things just get worse if left alone. Unlike cuts, bruises and broken bones, small cavities in your teeth don’t heal and disappear. They just turn into big cavities.  

I’ve seen too many situations where small dental issues were left unattended and gradually escalated into significant problems. Best to nip little things in the bud.

The second reason to call is to avoid potential pain. Dental pain can be very nasty and the last thing you want is a sleepless night with a miserable toothache.

I hope you don’t wait for the pain to hit before you make the call. So many make the mistake of thinking it can’t be anything serious if it doesn’t hurt like crazy.

Dental pain is always a great motivator to take action. However, your level of pain is not an accurate indicator of the severity or threat level of a dental problem. You can easily be fooled into thinking nothing is wrong when you’re not feeling pain.  

Remember... when in doubt, check things out.

Toronto Dentist - Dr. Joe BulgerAbout the Author: Dr. Joe Bulger is a cosmetic dentist from Toronto, Canada and the owner-founder of Royal York Dental.

If you're looking for an emergency dentist, remember that Royal York Dental is open six days a week and can often offer same-day service. Fill out our contact form or CALL 416 231-0550. Download our free dental emergency guide.

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