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Message from an Emergency Dentist in Toronto West...

Did you lose sleep last night?

There's NOTHING worse than the relentless agony of a nasty toothache that keeps you up all night. Now you have to find an emergency dental clinic in Toronto to take care of your pain.

If you have a bad toothache, getting you OUT of dental pain is our top priority. We take pride in ourdental emergency response for West Toronto residents.


When it comes to health issues, sooner or later we all experience moments of need. Times when we could really use some help.

Teeth can go bad and dental emergencies can happen when we least expect it. That's why you rely on a team of dedicated and caring professionals that can offer emergency dentistry.

If you're reading this, chances are you or someone you care about is experiencing a dental crisis right now. If you have a regular dentist, but they're not available, you need to find a Toronto emergency dentist in  ASAP.

At Royal York Dental, we serve as a West Toronto emergency dental clinic and we want to be there for you when your time of need comes. We're open 6 days of the week and can often provide you same-day service for your dental care. We'll strive to attend to your needs immediately.

Learn more about dental emergency services by downloading our  Dental Emergency Guide. 

look forward to meeting you soon,

 Toronto Cosmetic Dentist - Joe Bulger

Joe Bulger DDS
Toronto Cosmetic Dentist in Etobicoke
Founder of Royal York Dental

What's your next move? Below you'll find 3 easy options to choose from...

Call Emergency Dental Clinic Toronto West

Toronto Emergency dentistry 

 No more emergencies!
Avoid crisis dentistry and
enjoy a healthy smile.

Maybe you already have a dentist. The thing is, you're in trouble NOW and they're not available. When that tooth pain hits like a bag of hammers, trying to find a emergency dentist in Toronto who is open evenings, Fridays or Saturdays can be challenging.

If you're suffering with a bad tooth and need fast relief, read these 3 options and decide what fits your situation...

Arrow - Royal York Dental Emergency Option #1   

Daytime tooth pain (Monday to Saturday)...
Call our main-floor reception at 416 233-1234 and press 1 for emergency to talk to one of our team members.

Preferably, don't take any pain-killers before your appointment, otherwise you might mask the problem.

Arrow - Royal York Dental Emergency Option #2  


After hours toothache, but NOT urgent...
If you need to find a Toronto emergency dentist, use our Contact Form on the right and leave Denise a message. She's very good at getting back promptly. Make sure you tell her about your bad tooth.

For immediate assistance, call our New Patient & Emergency Dentist Hotline at 416 231-0550.
(rings to our mobile phone)

We'll call you back and arrange to see you at a convenient time.


Bad Teeth Blues - Toronto dental emergency

Arrow - Royal York Dental Emergency Option #3 

URGENT after hours...
If you're in severe dental pain and it's after hours, call Emergency Dental Services (EDS) at 416 485-7121, or visit your local hospital.
EDS is located at Yonge near St. Clair and they're open 8am to midnight 7 days a week (last appointment at 11pm).

If it's 3am and your tooth is driving you INSANE... get yourself over to the emergency department at a local hospital. They can freeze you up with some long-lasting anaesthetic that will help get through the night.

Tomorrow you can find a local dentist to take care of things properly. We'll be happy to take care of you.

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Toronto Emergency Dentistry Hotline Call our Toronto Dental Emergency Hotline
so we can take care of you.

 Fast Emergency Care- We're Here for You.

Fast response to your dental emergency is essential. We have a team of experienced doctors
and work extended hours to accommodate any unforeseen needs you may have.

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You can also count on us for good advice. Preventing emergencies ahead of time is far better than dealing with an issue once it has escalated to a full-blown crisis. Whenever we can, we'll tell you what needs to be taken care of long before it becomes a painful crisis

As your trusted advisors, we'll guide you onto a path towards optimal health so you'll be well-protected. Like the majority of our patients, you'll be enjoying years of trouble-free good health. We'll keep you away from potential dental emergencies.

To learn more about Emergency Dentistry and what steps you can take to respond to a dental crisis, get our Dental Emergency Guide.

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Toronto Emergency Dentistry Hotline Call our Toronto Emergency Dental Clinic
for fast relief.

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